Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Collaboration with my brother (Rap/Poetry Skit)

Here's a little freestyle that I worked on with my brother for a bit of a laugh.

(My Brother)
1 2 1 2 I got a big ting to stick inside ah you,
In your poo blue and vainy true.

Yo fool, I'll hit you with a shoe,
If you come at me with your goo,
You know it's true, I got da rules!

(My Brother)
I will make you drool, slap you with my tool,
Leave you in a blood pool then sniff some glue.

Low snooze, before you slumber with your crew,
Take away all those mews,
And cue - the fortune of those fools, you'll be shivering and blue.

(My Brother)
As you said that my dick grew.


  1. Now you have to record it and put out an album!

  2. his dick grew... found that pretty sick too. Gonna sell a brick to
    an old fat chick who
    likes to lick my dick too
    That might transfix you
    Neowl and publius
    Bloggin at it's truest it's
    problems that you couldn't fix... whats up.

    Affectionally and obediently your humble servant,

  3. hahahhaha got alot to work on...but okay i gess it was just for fun...