Thursday, 15 September 2011

Doctor Who - Fan Art of a Time Lord

As some of you may know, I'm somewhat of a Doctor Who fan; as hinted in my post detailing the return of the current season to television.

From time to time (hah!), I have given the titular Doctor some attention in the form of doodling and sketching.

Firstly, here's a quick doodle of David Tennants 10th Doctor I did in 2009, near the end of his time as the character:

Fast forward now to earlier this year, there I did a pencil Drawing of the current Doctor (11th), Matt Smith, sporting his now destroyed Fez:

And here is the even-more recent doodle of Tom Baker fourth Doctor I did (as shown in this blogpost I posted last month):

Finally, Here is the above doodle, that has been marvellously coloured by Spoony McMooch, (who is an amazing artist, and has a blog, featuring his brilliant webcomic, SkuzzMunch RIGHT HERE!):


  1. I love Doctor Who. Watched 5 seasons... couldn't move on to watch the 6th for some emotional reasons -- bad things happened back in the 3 weeks when I watched Doctor Who :(

  2. these are great. I love the Doctor!

  3. Cool drawings :D And you gotta love Doctor Who!

  4. Cool to see another Doctor Who fan on here. Matt Smith's great but I honestly miss David Tennant so much! :(

  5. I love your drawings.

  6. Love Doctor Who, 10th is my favorite

  7. I love doctor who, as well as the sketch you made! Very nice job!

    Check me out btw, blog about games :p